More than 1,000 companies have used PsychoGeometrics® to raise awareness for behavioral differences and as a tool to strengthen employee and client relations, teams, communication and culture.

“One of the things I hear ‘over and over again’ is that our clients love using PsychoGeometrics®, because it’s easy to remember your shapes, it’s easy to explain it to others, it works and it sticks,” says Susan Hite, Innovator and CEO of PsychoGeometrics®.

I was skeptical that a 15-minute test could accurately indicate my communication and behavioral style.  But Shapes was spot on.  As a result, my 360° feedback for communicating effectively went from a 2.2 to a 4.1 on a 1-5 scale. That’s a 91% increase going from “to a small extent” to a “great extent.” 


I like to win!  Who doesn’t?!  In my new job, I found myself thinking, ‘What’s wrong with them?!’  Shapes helps me understand nothing’s wrong with them.  They are just as motivated as me but show their motivation differently.  Now, I know how to understand, embrace, and leverage that diversity for the overall win.  Shapes is my #1 competitive advantage. 


Even when I want to explore change or know that change is necessary, I am not always comfortable or confident with change.  The unknown is both exciting and scary.  Shapes teaches me how I naturally respond to change, what I need to make or manage change, and how to successfully navigate change.  The rectangle has taught me how to be open to change, accept change, and use change as the KEY to success.


I have always loved helping others but was told in my last performance review that I was too ‘soft’ on people.  I thought this meant I would have to stop caring.  But my shapes profile said I can still care about others and get measurable results.  Shapes taught me how to ‘shape flex,’ communicating that I care so much that I want to follow up and ensure things get done.  This has completely changed the way I communicate to show I genuinely care and that I can get results.


Before I knew about Shapes, I would get so frustrated when people didn’t see it or get it like me.  In fact, sometimes I would come up with the most incredible idea, but my idea would never go any further.  I don’t like fake, and I wasn’t going to play the ‘political game’ or ‘work the system.’  Shapes teaches me how I can still be myself and get others to listen and take action!  Love some shapes!!!


When I first accepted the position of Vice President of Sales, I kept hearing people refer to boxes and circles and other shapes.  I soon learned that a woman named Susan Hite had presented PsychoGeometrics® at a national sales conference more than ten years prior.  I’ve been in this business a long time ,and I’ve seen and participated in nearly every workshop you can think of when it comes to communication and increasing sales, but I’ve never been in a company where people are still using what they learned 10 years later.  Over time, I would say that PsychoGeometrics® has played a pivotal role in increasing our sales by more than 20%.

VP of Sales, Global Skincare Company

PsychoGeometrics®, by far is the best psychometric assessment I have ever used with my teams.  People at every level of our business love it, can easily understand it and use it after one workshop.  As a result employee engagement scores have increased by more than 25% since using this tool.

HR Business Partner, Global Provider of Medical Technologies

I have been a HR busines partner for three global companies in the last 30 years; one in the agriculture industry, one in the chemical manufacturing industry and now in the power grid automation industry.  I am familiar with every tool available to HR, and my all-time favorite is PsychoGeometrics®.  No matter who you use it with, it is always a hit.  People love it, and actually look forward to the training!  It is our most requested tool for personal growth and professional development and team building.

HR Business Partner, Global Agriculture, Chemical, and Power Grid Business

We have been using PsychoGeometrics® in our company for more than three years now.  It has provided our staff and our crews a common language for communication, which is a critical component in our business.

Owner-Operator of 28 restaurants that are part of a global brand

The shapes language instantly became part of our common language in the company; and now 15 years later, it’s part of our culture.

Vice President of Global Consumer Business

I was amazed how my team took the PsychoGeometrics® assessment in the morning, then were using it fluently that afternoon in other meetings and discussions.  As a result communication effectiveness has increased more than 50%.